The ThermoCook Pro Multi-Function Appliance is so much more than a mere “food processor”, it is like having a professionally trained kitchen assistant at your beck and call.The ThermoCook Pro, a high quality multifunctional appliance designed specifically for busy people who yearn to create fresh, tasty, wholesome meals for their families and themselves. Months of research has gone into the product development to ensure ThermoCook Pro offers an increased level of functionality, it can help turn any home cook into a master chef while creating a various range of delicious and healthy recipes at the touch of a button.Optimum Appliances will ensure you’re getting world-class quality at an affordable price. Our supplier’s priority and focus has always been quality, and the longevity and performance of the product is indisputable, as each part used is assembled to perfection using the highest-quality material available.

Your ThermoCook Pro will quickly become your “secret ally”, helping you to create memorable, additive-free, nutrient rich meals your family will love, every step of the way from prep to cooking to cleanup. Here’s a complete list of its numerous functions:

  • Chopping: everything from minced meat, to finely chopped nuts or herbs, to vegetables for salads or cooked dishes.
  • Whipping: egg whites for the perfect omelette or meringue.
  • Mixing: combine ingredients with ease.
  • Emulsifying: smooth, creamy salad dressings, mayonnaise, and batters.
  • Milling: freshly milled flour from rice and grains for maximum nutrition.
  • Kneading: fresh bread doughs, scone mixtures, and other baked delights.
  • Cooking: boil, simmer or stew anything from rice to meatballs, jams to chilli.
  • Blending: combine ingredients and blend until smooth.
  • Stirring: allows the controller to step away from appliance, ingredients remain stirred.
  • Steaming: create the perfect steamed vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, rice and pasta.
  • Weighing: delivers precision with each ingredient.
  • Precise Heating: warm baby food or chocolate to 37°C and hold them there.
  • Pureeing: create smooth purees and baby food.
  • Sauteing: make delicious stir-fry as well as pan frying meat and vegetables
  • Mincing: cut up ingredients especially meat into small pieces
  • Slow cooking: slowly cook food for several hours on a low temperature
  • Beating: creating light and fluffy end results
  • Whisking: egg whites for the perfect omelette or meringue
  • Boiling: ability to cook food in bubbling liquid
  • Stewing: slowly cook meat and vegetables for the prefect combination
  • DIY: a unique feature to customize your favourite recipe.


And the best part is that you never get stuck with the dirty pots and pans! Your ThermoCook Pro is simple to clean and all components listed under the accessory are dishwasher safe. It really is that easy.




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