! X Btl NUTRICHEW CHEWABLE MULTIVITAMIN + 5 Nutrition For Weightloss Surgery Booklets.

This Bariatric Bundle contains 5 really usefull 'booklets' wiitten by an APD Dietitian and Natural Therapists at "Nutrition For Weight Loss Surgery"  - specialists in Bariatric nutrition.  These include:

* Shopping Companion (First Edition) - How to select the 

* Protein Planner (First Edition) -  How to maximise your Protein  Intake

* Meal Plans (Second Edition) - 51 Pages of Calorie Controllrd Meal Plans with dietary advice.

* Single Serves (Second Edition) - 33 Pages of nutritious and easy to make meals for one person.

* Fifty In A Flash (First Edition) - 50 Nutritious Fast Food Recipes for Bariatric Patients. 


The Pack also includes I Bottle (60) Chewable Nutrichew Chewable Multi Vitamins / Multi Minerals.



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